Channing Tatum Gets Adorably Embarrassed Over Penis Nickname

Channing Tatum dishes on his TMI Reddit AMA.

During a 60-minute Ask Me Anything session on Reddit Wednesday, Channing Tatum was straightforward about the question of whether or not he nicknamed his manhood, but when he sat down with ET's Nischelle Turner, he turned sheepish.

In the candid Internet exchange, the Magic Mike XXL star revealed things like his favorite Disney character (the Broom from Fantasia) and his thoughts on Jupiter Ascending (he's not a fan). Then somewhere along the line the discussion turned to more adult subject matter -- namely that his penis is nicknamed Gilbert.

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"I cannot confirm nor deny it," Channing told Nischelle when asked about the moniker. "It might have been called that at some point -- it might not."

Later, Channing joked that his penis "needs no name," because it's "just a symbol."

Channing stars in Magic Mike XXL, which picks up three years after Mike (Channing) said goodbye to the stripper life and finally got serious with Brooke (Cody Horn). Now the remaining Kings of Tampa are ready to follow suit, but first they want Magic Mike back for a handful of blow-out performances.

Co-star Joe Manganiello just celebrated his one year anniversary with fiancee Sofia Vergara, so Nischelle had to ask: Did Sofia get a dance?

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"No, not for the year anniversary, because you gotta put the character down at some point," Joe said. "Prepping for the movie and getting ready for the movie? Yeah, of course. You're like, 'Hey babe, watch this!'"

Magic Mike XXL opens July 1.