Donald Trump & 5 More Celebrities Whose Word Vomit Cost Them Big Time

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Sometimes opening your big mouth can be costly.

Guess who got himself fired? By now, you've probably heard that The Apprentice series host, 2016 presidential candidate, and comb over king Donald Trump was a little too free with his feelings about Mexicans, apparently forgetting that his own clothing line is made in Mexico, and that Mexican telecom billionaire, Carlos Slim, is wealthier and more powerful than him.

After announcing that Mexicans coming to the U.S. are "rapists" and other derogatory claims, Slim became one of many business partners to sever ties with the word vomit virtuoso. Among the growing list of companies throwing Trump side-eye while giving him the boot are Univision, Farouk Systems, Televisa, Macy's, and NBCUniversal.

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"Donald Trump is a living breathing example that personal wealth does not equate to personal intelligence," said Cid Wilson, President and CEO of The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR). "Mr. Trump's statements were not only offensive and ignorant, it was also inaccurate and irresponsible. He has had numerous opportunities to apologize for his anti-Latino remarks and instead has double-down on his rhetoric."

Is it any surprise that the Donald Trump Piñata is now a hit in Mexico?

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The real estate tycoon may have just knocked over one house of cards, but he’s far from rubbing two pennies together (his net worth is over 4 billion). For his own sake, hopefully he can keep his racist opinions to himself before he loses his entire empire and the 2016 election -- there are over 50 million Hispanics living in the United States, we have next level buying power and we’re kind of like elephants: we never forget. We also have plenty of powerful friends.

Here are five more celebrities who -- like Trump -- traded in dignity for a foot in their mouth:

1. Paula Deen

In 2013, the Southern cooking queen admitted that she had used the N-word. Her cooking show was swiftly canceled while her partners and sponsors gave her the boot in the process. This was plenty of fodder apparently for a new business venture; in 2014 a seemingly contrite Deen went on the Today show, but before apologizing, opted for some shameless self-promotion. "Matt, I've learned so much for the year, I really feel like it's going to require another book," Deen said.

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2. Mel Gibson

The blue-eyed bad boy's words continue to haunt him. Were you wondering why Gibson wasn't in the Mad Max reboot this year? It was because Warner Bros. didn't want his named attached after all his homophobic, anti-semitic comments. Around that time, ABC ditched the Holocaust-themed mini-series that Gibson was developing with the network.

3. Hank Williams, Jr.

In 2011, the country singer's comparison of President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends resulted in ESPN pulling his trademark theme song from their Monday Night Football opening after twenty years of use.
Williams issued a statement: "Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme -- but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me -- how ludicrous that pairing was. They're polar opposites and it made no sense. They don't see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the president."

4. Michael Richards

In 2006, the former Seinfeld star stunned the nation when he used racist language against the African American community during a set at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Calif. Footage of the obscenity-laced tirade made its way to the Internet, and the resulting backlash concluded with the comedian issuing a public apology and retiring from stand-up.

Today, Richards isn't doing much beyond post-Seinfeld appearances and starring in a short-lived NBC sitcom, The Michael Richards Show.

5. Mo'Nique

The talented actress has only had two film roles since winning her Oscar: 2009's Steppin: The Movie, and 2014's Blackbird. Director Lee Daniels had strong opinions about why the actress was "blackballed" after making controversial statements tied to her Oscar win and refusing to campaign. "You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studio, and she didn’t understand that. People aren't going to respond well," said Daniels. "You've gotta play ball. This is not just show -- it is show business."

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But Mo'Nique isn't down for the count; you can catch her in the recent HBO biopic Bessie about blues legend Bessie Smith, playing supporting role Ma Rainey alongside the star of the TV movie, Queen Latifah.

Watch Trump talk about the backlash against him below.