Alex Trebek Kinda Sorta Singing Rihanna's 'Umbrella' Makes Us Extremely Uncomfortable

Just try not to laugh at this one!

How do you say, "eh?"

Well, there are two ways to say it now -- one is the Rihanna way and the other is now officially known as the Alex Trebek way.

On Tuesday's Jeopardy, host Trebek read a clue that featured some of the lyrics to Rihanna's hit "Umbrella." And totally made it his own!

"She sang, 'Now that it's raining more than ever…you can stand under my umbrella…ella, ella, eh eh eh,'" Trebek said.

Of course, if you read that with Rihanna's voice, your "eh" sounds Canadian, but Trebek's sounds a little more like "meh."

"Eh, eh, eh?"

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One Youtube user called him out by commenting on the video, "Isn't Alex Trebek Canadian? I would think if anyone he would know how to say "eh" lol."

And that is correct!

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The 74-year-old was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

But regardless of why he did not use his native accent, it's hard not to cringe at his pronunciation of RiRi's song lyrics...and then play the video again out of disbelief.

Here's to hoping Trebek later listened to some of her music! We recommend checking out the music video for "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Watch the NSFW music video below.: