Gigi Hadid Licks Boyfriend Joe Jonas' Neck in Semi-Creepy Instagram -- See the Pic!

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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid's relationship is getting… interesting.

The middle JoBro posted a borderline sleazy photo on Instagram, showing off a white t-shirt with "Daddy" written in a rope-script font and the caption "Call me…" as his 20-year-old girlfriend seemingly licks his neck.

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Both Joe and Gigi's faces are cut off by the photo's framing, so you can't see their eyes, but it's hard to tell if that makes this more or less creepy:

Classy, Joe.

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The last Instagram the 25-year-old singer posted of Gigi was a much more innocent Fourth of July snap.

Well, at least we know these two are finding ways to bond quickly… right?