'Once Upon a Time' Cast Laughs About 'Warped' Romantic Relationships in Storybrooke!

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Ask and you shall receive…

Since so many of you enjoyed our last batch of blush-worthy Once Upon a Time scoop, we at ETonline are bringing you two (that's right, two!) more videos from our hilariously wonderful chat with the cast at Comic-Con.

Today's topics include what's next for Rumple and Belle, how the Charmings will save the former savior, Regina's promise to Emma, and the 'warped' relationships of Storybrooke.

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Fans cried an ocean's worth of tears in the season four finale when, in a heartbreaking twist, Emma sacrificed herself to be The Dark One in order save Regina's happiness.

Looking ahead, Storybrooke fans can expect to see Regina do whatever it takes to bring her friend back to the light. "Regina really hates owing anyone anything, but for Emma? Absolutely," Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, promised. "She's going to do everything she can with everyone and it's like Operation Emma: Season Five."

Since Emma made the choice to give up her own happy ending so that Regina could have hers, does that mean that Outlaw Queen fans will have some sweet scenes next season?

"I don’t know -- Sis, are you going to screw it up for her?" Parrilla said with a laugh to her on-screen sister, Rebecca Mader. "I think it's going to be a bit challenging, but I'm excited to be an auntie! I mean what do you say? It's so complicated." Complicated doesn't even begin to describe the relationships of Once Upon a Time.

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Star Colin O'Donoghue playfully chimed and called the Robin Hood and Regina romance "warped," but Ginnifer Goodwin quickly came to her stepmother's defense: "I'm sorry, 'warped' is you were sleeping with your lover's what? Her son's grandfather's wife," she said. (Oh snap.)

To which O'Donoghue quipped, "And if you play your cards right, you might get some too!" Whoa there, Captain. She's a happily married lady -- both on and off screen!

But what does Jennifer Morrison think of Hook's twisted web of relationships? "Babe, it was 200 years ago," she smiled. "It's okay, I forgive you." Aww...

Speaking of forgiveness, now that Rumple isn't The Dark One, many fans are hoping that he and Belle will be able to work past all of their differences that plagued season four. Unfortunately, Emilie de Ravin explained that the couple must now work through a completely different challenge.

"Well, we don’t know what's going on with him. It's a little hard for us to have any terribly in-depth conversations right now. The coma puts a little damper on things for now," she joked.

Not to worry, Rumbelle lovers, de Ravin spilled that there is hope on the horizon. "I think it's going to be exciting to see their relationship like we've never seen it before," the actress said. "She's never been at this place in her life and never been in such a strong position, and he's never been unaffected or unconscious like he is now."

As for what's next for the Charmings, Josh Dallas admitted that things are going to be "tough" for the twosome as they work to rescue their daughter from the darkness. "They spend a good part of their relationship together making sure that she didn’t become The Dark One," he explained.

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"And now she's become The Dark One, so I think you're going to see them go to some extreme and possibly questionable measures to getting her back to the savior that she is," Dallas continued, "And it's going to test their relationship too in a big way."

We think Goodwin put it best when describing the Charmings' plans to rescue Emma: "We savior her."

Once Upon a Time
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