Mindy Kaling Shows Off Baby Bump -- But It's Not What You Think!


Mindy Kaling is back in action -- with a baby on the way?

The season three finale of Kaling's sitcom The Mindy Project involved a surprise pregnancy with the good doctor's fiancé, Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), which led to a series of disasters and an unexpected flight to India.

Now that shooting has begun on the fourth season -- which was picked up by Hulu after being canceled by Fox -- we're getting to see the fruits of the actors' labor… so to speak.

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Courtesy of Kaling's Instagram account, we now know that the show will pick up right where last season left off.

In the candid pics, Kaling -- looking fabulous as her character Dr. Lahiri in a Salvador Perez outfit -- is laughing as shots are being blocked off on a crowded subway.

"What is the opposite of 'barefoot and pregnant'?" a cheeky Kaling captioned one of the pics. "That is what my costume designer @salvadorperezcostumes has custom made for Mindy Lahiri. And while Jane Birkin may be mad at Hermes, Mindy Lahiri is not."

She's clearly delighted by the crew's dedication to matching her mark tape to Dr. Lahiri's outfit.

Bonus delight courtesy of the somewhat smarmy faces being made by the background actors in these photos!

After the, Kaling showed off another outfit Dr. Lahiri would be sporting this season. "It's an all kaftan summer, guys," Kaling wrote on Instagram. "This gorgeous upcoming Mindy Lahiri one is vintage @houseofharlow from their pop up shop!"

This is just the beginning of the awesome news coming from The Mindy Project set. Earlier this month, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was announced as a guest-star in the series premiere as Kaling's alternate reality paramour. It's a quid pro quo appearance, as Mindy previously guested on JGL's Pivot series Hit Record on TV.

NEWS: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Guest Star in The Mindy Project

But don't expect Mindy to spend this entire season pulling double duty as charmingly quirky doctor and hyper-stressed new mother. Raising Hope's Garrett Dillahunt will be filling in as a new doctor replacing Dr. Lahiri during her maternity leave. Fans of the show will remember that her last in-office replacement was none other than James Franco, so Garrett has some big, hyper-sexual shoes to fill.

Check out the video below for other examples of Mindy's fashion and how you can be your most rocking Kaling.

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