Coach Taylor Is Back! Kyle Chandler Reprises Beloved 'Friday Night Lights' Role

Alamo Drafthouse

Kyle Chandler recently dusted off the Panther-blue cap and windbreaker his beloved Friday Night Lights football coach wore on the critically-hailed show to give us a special message about using cell phones in movie theaters.

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The Bloodline actor teamed up with the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain for a new public service announcement for audience members. It's been nearly four years since Friday Night Lights' last episode, so fans finally have more Coach Taylor to swoon over thanks to the Austin-based movie house's tongue-in-cheek homage.

In the clip, Chandler is in the middle of making one of his classic moving pre-game speeches. Despite the fact that he's Coach freakin' Taylor, the speech is interrupted by an incessant buzzing of cell phones. Frustrated, he turns to the camera and mutters, "Turn your goddamn cell phones off!"

Check out the full PSA below.

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If a stirring speech by Coach Taylor won't make you shut off your cell phone during a movie, then what will?

Clear eyes, full hearts, no phones!

Back in January, Chandler spoke about his role in Netflix's intense family drama, Bloodline, for which he would earn an Emmy nomination. Naturally, the conversation turned to FNL.

"Once that creative ownership [is there], it makes someone love what they're doing, and there's a certain love that’s garnered," Chandler told ET of Bloodline. "And on Friday Night Lights there was something similar. I would always say no one was told what to do, everyone was told to just do their best. Bloodline has that atmosphere, a quality of the perfect team has come together again."

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