Chris Pratt Offers Fans a Potential Dinner at Applebee's in New Facebook Contest

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Think you have what it takes to whip up a Facebook banner that pleases Chris Pratt?

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Jurassic World star invited fans to create a montage of his career and many of the things that are important to him as the new header for his page. In return, Pratt offered to “give you accolades plus maybe a free dinner at Applebee’s or something like that” as incentives. Or, as he teased, “sky's the limit.”

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The 36-year-old actor wants to be sure that both his sense of humor and filmography are well-represented in his new Facebook work of art.

“I'm looking to have Peter Quill, Owen, Andy and Emmet in the mix,” he wrote. He added that he would also appreciate additions of “my family, eagles, american flags, guns, cool ford raptors, cigars, explosions, anything Sly Stallone, bloodsport, early Steven Segal, anything that looks bad ass” with a side of steak and corn dogs for good measure.

Entries so far have ranged from the fantastical to the meme heavy, but his latest role as dino keeper Owen in Jurassic World appeared frequently – namely the zookeeper meme and scene of him riding with raptors.

One creative entry portrayed Chris waving the American flag as he was riding a velociraptor.

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Clever fan.

Hopefully this new fan-created banner will help hold audiences over until Jurassic World 2 roars into theaters in 2018.