What Does Zayn Malik Think of One Direction's New Single?

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He may have left the band, but Malik is still keeping up with 1D's moves.

There's no love lost here -- at least not as far as Zayn Malik is concerned.

One Direction dropped their new single, "Drag Me Down," just one day after Malik announced he had signed a new deal with RCA Records. Now, the 22-year-old singer is letting his former bandmates know that he's been keeping up with their musical moves.

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"Proud of my boys the new single is sick. Big love," Malik tweeted.

Interestingly, the phrase "lots of love" was used by the bandmates when they announced their surprise new single.

Malik's kind words may be a subtle version of an apology, seeing as earlier this week, he finally explained why he left 1D -- and the #realmusic dig read like major shade against his former band.

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As for 1D, none of the guys have publicly addressed Malik's approval, but they're clearly not concerned about his thoughts on the possibly-directed-at-him tune.

Niall Horan did, however, share Justin Bieber's praise for the song.

Clearly nobody can drag them down.

One Direction will be on Good Morning America Tuesday. Until then, watch the video below, then decide for yourself if "Drag Me Down" is a dig at Malik.