Lady Gaga's Bisexual 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Character Revealed in Sexiest Season Yet

Creator Ryan Murphy details all the scares and sex we have to look forward to!

It should be an interesting year for Lady Gaga on American Horror Story: Hotel!

Series creator Ryan Murphy dished on her role in the upcoming season of the horror anthology series at the Summer FX TCA panel, which will feature steamy relationships with her sexy male and female co-stars!

"Lady Gaga plays a character who has relationships with Matt [Bomer] and Angela [Bassett] and Cheyenne [Jackson]," said Murphy.

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Murphy tells ET that he plans to initiate Gaga with a particularly "disturbing and awful" murder scene with her co-star Bomer, when the show begins filming next week.

"She has a pretty spectacular murder scene to shoot with Matt Bomer," he revealed after the panel. "I'm glad that she has Matt because he's so great and they've all socialized. I can't say enough great things about her. "

The executive producer calls Gaga's character "a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people. She has a nefarious plan."

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Not surprisingly, Murphy promises that Hotel will turn up the show's sex appeal in a major way.

"It's sexier than any season we've done, particularly because of the Gaga of it, so I would say scarier and sexier," he said. "By far the the most sexy season."

But if you have a fear of monsters under your bed, beware. Murphy insists that this season will take that fear up a notch by putting the monster in the mattress.

"We're shooting a scene where somebody literally comes out of a mattress. So that's been terrifying. We built a mattress that somebody has been sewed into, and is not dead so things like that," he revealed.

You know, things like that....

Perhaps most exciting is Murphy's promise that Hotel "harkens back to the first season, which is much more rooted in honest, primal fears."

Let's face it, season one of American Horror Story still holds a special place in our hearts, so the idea of getting back to it is a very welcome one. Don't be fooled by the back to basics approach, however. Co-creator Brad Fulchuk promises the horrors in Hotel will actually make their way out of the hotel quite a bit.

"The horror is kind of seeping out of the hotel, even though it begins inside," he said. "We're out in the streets much more."

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And fans can look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces, as Murphy promises "people that you have known from other seasons," will be checking in!

Maybe the most impressive element will be the hotel they are checking into, as Murphy raved about the Downtown Los Angeles hotel the show has created.

"We built it from the ground up," teased Murphy. "I feel like it's our most magnificent set we've ever had."

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Meanwhile, Gaga was not in attendance for the panel, but did show fans that she's in deep preparation for her TV role, putting up a picture with her dermatologist on Instagram, with the caption, "Never a dull moment with Simon, getting ready for the small screen with the master."

Looks like we've got a lot of sex and terror to look forward to when American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on FX on October 7!

Original reporting by Leanne Aguilera. Follow @LeanneAguilera on Twitter.