Kim Kardashian Goes on Passionate Twitter Rant for Gun Control

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Kim Kardashian is getting political.

The 34-year-old reality superstar sent out a strong message advocating for gun control to her more than 34 million Twitter followers on Wednesday night, referencing a recent headline-making case in Texas.

"Have u heard of the heart breaking story about David Conley who slaughtered his ex-girlfriend & her entire family! Her 6 kids, husband & her!" she tweeted.

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David Conley is charged with killing eight people on Saturday -- his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Jackson, her six children (including his own son) and her husband -- after allegedly breaking into his former home in Houston. Police said he handcuffed all of them and shot them, one by one, in the head.

Kim said she was "sickened" that Conley reportedly purchased the gun and the ammunition online.

This isn't the first time Kim has made her stance on gun control known. Last month, she appeared at San Francisco's famous Castro Theater as a guest of The Commonwealth Club, and had this to say when she was asked to offer an idea to change the world. "I'm not a gun person," she said. "I think we need gun control. We don't have strict enough gun control laws."

And Kim isn't the only celeb to be passionate about gun control laws. Earlier this month, comedian Amy Schumer emotionally spoke out against gun violence after a shooter opened fire in a Lafayette, Louisiana theater showing her movie Trainwreck, killing two women and injuring nine others on July 23.

"I'm not sure why this man chose my movie to end those two lives and injure nine others, but it was very personal for me," Schumer said at a New York press conference alongside her cousin, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. "We always find out how the shooter got their gun and it's always something that never should have happened in the first place."

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