Carrie Underwood's Baby Boy Is Already Playing Piano! See the Adorable Pic

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It's never too early to start loving music!

Carrie Underwood shared an adorable photo of her 6-month-old son Isaiah playing his little heart out on a baby grand piano on Wednesday. Isaiah even looks the part of a musical prodigy in a teeny-tiny blazer.

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"Oh, just playing my piano in my blazer in the yard," Underwood captioned the sweet snap.

The photo comes just a few days after Underwood announced the Oct. 23 release of her next studio album, Storyteller, and debuted her brand new "Smoke Break" music video exclusively with ET.

"I kinda feel like everybody expects motherhood to completely change me as a writer and as an artist -- I feel like it just adds another wonderful dimension," she told us. "I'm not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs. It's really important to me to stay true to who I was before, but now I just have this other piece of my life, this other thing."

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Underwood revealed that her "little man" did inspire at least one of the tracks on her upcoming album.

"I was actually trying to resist that urge, but it just kinda happened and it was really organic and sweet and I think it's going to be a really cool thing for him to know that that's his song," she said. "Of course when you get married or when you fall in love or when you have a baby or whatever giant life moments happen, it's going to work its way into things that you do creatively."

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