Scott Eastwood and All of Taylor Swift's Other Music Video Boyfriends, Ranked


Scott Eastwood joins models, actors, and a 'Laguna Beach' star.

Taylor Swift
made quite the addition to her collection of music video love interests: Scott Eastwood, who plays a silver screen heartthrob -- what a stretch -- in “Wildest Dreams,” her new music video that she premiered before the MTV VMAs. So how does he stack up against all the video boys that came before him? We ranked them all to find out.

Honorary Mention: Kendrick Lamar in “Bad Blood”


He’s not necessarily a romantic interest -- he saves Taylor and brings her to his secret laboratory slash spy training facility after Selena Gomez kicks her out of a window, that old story -- and the “Bad Blood” video is more about girl power (depending who you ask), but we love Kendrick. Everyone loves Kendrick!

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15. Clayton Collins in “Tim McGraw”


He’s cute! He’s got shaggy hair and baby blues and loves cuddling under the stars in the back of his truck. But in the pantheon of Taylor Swift music video boyfriends, he’s regretfully forgettable.

14. Tyler Hilton in “Teardrops on My Guitar”


He's supposed to be the best friend Taylor has a secret crush on, but he comes across more obtusely douchey than charming. Plus, he’s supposed to be a high school student, but looks like he graduated from college, if not already married with a wife and kid and mortgage. Not buying it!

13. Justin Gaston in “Love Story”


Remember when he dated Miley Cyrus? That and the muttonchops he has in this video are all you need to know. Well, that, the muttonchops, and that he was just in the Unauthorized Full House Story on Lifetime. That’s all you need to know.

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12. Guntars Asmanis in “Back to December”


He might be forgettable -- all he does is walk around outside when it’s clearly too cold to be walking around outside -- if it weren’t for THAT JAWLINE.

11. Justin Sandy in “Picture to Burn”


He automatically moves up a few spots on our list because IRL Sandy is an ex-NFL player. In the video, he’s just another shaggy-haired dude who did Taylor dirty. Nice smile though.

10. Reeve Carney in “I Knew You Were Trouble”


He’s Taylor’s version of a bad boy -- all tattoos and hipster hats. Our problem isn’t that Reeve looks like trouble, it’s that he looks like he'd lecture you about David Foster Wallace and veganism until your soul died.

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9. Dominic Sherwood in “Style”


Not our favorite video, by any means. But it is pretty. As is he.

8. Toby Hemingway in “Mine”


Never once do we actually believe he’s a small town waiter -- not with that face, he’s not -- but it doesn’t matter. Bonus points for adorably interacting with little children. And even more bonus points for being the blondest guy Taylor’s ever “dated” in a video.

7. Stephen Colletti in “White Horse”


KEEP DANCING ON THE BAR, SLUT. Just kidding. Colletti had come a long way from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County when he did this video, and even though he played a cheater in this, we understand why someone would want to stay with him. He seems so sweet!

6. Vladimir Perrin in “Begin Again”


Possessor of the cutest smile we’ve seen in any music video, ever.

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5. Noah Mills in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”


With a face like that, we actually would get back together.

4. Lucas Till in “You Belong With Me”


Aww, Lucas! This video seems like a relic of Taylor Swift past -- she's a nerd because she wears glasses, cheerleaders and girls in the bleachers have to be at war, and teenagers make grand romantic displays for each other -- but, as corny as the video might be, he’s so adorable in it that we just don’t care.

3. Scott Eastwood in “Wildest Dreams”


He can pull off a pair of khakis, that's for sure. Yes, Eastwood is gorgeous and casts perfectly brooding glances, but he makes the top three because he’s the first man to (gasp!) consummate the relationship in a video. Taylor Swift in a sex(ish) scene! How provocative!

2. Zach Gilford in “Ours”


He’s a Friday Night Lights star returning from war and wearing Army fatigues. HOW CAN YOU TOP THAT?

1. Sean O’Pry in “Blank Space”


By being the most successful male model in the world. Taylor upped her game for “Blank Space” and takes full advantage of having her hottest music video boyfriend yet, dressing him in different tuxes and capes and sweater sets and little equestrian pants, each one better than the last. Good work, Swift. Good work.

As for Taylor’s real-life BF, watch her mouth “I love you” to Calvin Harris from the stage during one of her 1989 Tour stops: