If Kanye West Runs for President in 2020, Here Are 8 VP Candidates He Should Consider

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What if he’s serious, bruh?

During Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, Kanye West said we should have guessed by now that he’d run for president in 2020. (We hadn’t.) He also mentioned that he smoked something before the show, so maybe he’s kidding. But that’s what we thought about Donald Trump and now look what we’re dealing with.

In the event that ‘Ye puts his name on the ballot, here are some potential VPs.

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1. Taylor Swift

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West/Swift 2020 is the obvious ticket choice. The campaign slogan could be, “KANYE WANTS YOU...TO BE ON HIS#SQUAD” and Karlie Kloss can be like, Secretary of State.

2. Jay Z

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Another natural choice. Look how well they worked together on Watch the Throne. And Jay has been to Cuba, so that’s Foreign Affairs, we think. (If you’re wondering why we didn’t say Beyoncé, it’s because Bey would never settle for VP. Sorceress Supreme or nothing.)

3. Jaden Smith

He’s already on board with all of Kanye’s policies.

4. Nicki Minaj

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“Now back to this b***h that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. Capitol Hill, what’s good?”

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5. Kris Jenner

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Kris leveraged her daughter’s sex tape into a million dollar Kardashian Empire. Imagine what she could do with the United States' metaphorical sex tape.

6. Joe Biden

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Can you be Vice President for two different presidents? We need to check the small print but we really think Biden would have some fun with this.

7. Deez Nuts


A 15-year-old from Iowa is currently registered for candidacy in the 2016 election as “Deez Nuts” and won 9 percent of the vote in North Carolina. (That’s real. Look it up.)

8. Kanye

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It’s going to be Kanye/Kanye 2020, huh?

Listen to more of what Kanye said during his Video Vanguard speech:

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