Mark Ballas and Girlfriend BC Jean Jokingly Share Their Secret to Working Together

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Mark Ballas and BC Jean have perfected the art of maintaining both a professional and personal life together, and now they're revealing to ET how they manage to do it all.

The power couple started up the group Alexander Jean -- Mark's middle name is Alexander and BC's middle name is Jean -- after they wrote a few songs together a few years ago. The rest is history.

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The duo performed their song "Roses and Violets" at John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson's wedding and were featured on Robertson family show, Duck Dynasty. Alexander Jean aims to take a grassroots approach to getting their name out there and so far, it's working.

Mark, 29, and BC, 28, first met in 2012 when they were both set to perform at a singer/songwriter livestream event. TheDancing With the Stars pro first heard BC's voice before seeing her and assumed she was a "45 year-old, whiskey drinking, Woodstock-looking hippie."

To his surprise and delight, she was a "cute blonde." Mark got the courage to ask her out and after blowing him off for two months, BC finally agreed to a Taco Tuesday night that ended up being a five-hour date filled with margaritas.

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While they seem like the perfect couple, Mark and BC joked with ET that making the record involved "lots of whiskey" as the two holed up in the recording studio with their engineer Tito.

"We had a blast making this EP," Mark said, adding: "It was a lot of fun."

BC called out Mark for being a workaholic, while she'd like to take an eternal vacation. Together, they balance each other out.

"I will be in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and he follows me around with the guitar," BC said of Mark's work ethic. "In his boxers and socks, with the guitar."

Aside from their love for music, the two also have some common quirks. Mark and BC are both only children, they are left-handed and are Greek.

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