Ronda Rousey Is Afraid of Disgracing Patrick Swayze's Name in 'Road House' Reboot

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Ronda Rousey is taking on her most kickass role yet -- she's starring in the remake of Road House!

The 28-year-old UFC fighter was such a big fan of the 1989 cult classic that she pursued being a part of the reboot for about two years. "I'm obsessed with Road House," she tells ET. "I grew up watching Westerns. I love Westerns."

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But with all the remakes currently floating around Hollywood, it's understandable that this megafan has concerns about taking on Patrick Swayze's iconic role. "I see why people would be hesitant to see a remake because it is such a classic," she admits.

Rousey plans on putting her own spin on the character of Dalton, as she doesn't believe anyone can compare to Swayze. "In my own way I'm nervous," she says. "I get really nervous for fights. I get scared and stuff like that. The worst thing that'll happen is I'll really such and disgrace the name of Swayze and Road House, and everyone'll hate me."

Luckily, the California native has some time to brush up on her acting skills, as Road House won't begin filming until the end of 2016. Until then, Rousey tells ET that she's going to take acting and improv classes.

While acting is a second career, the fighting champ has been racking up roles as of late. She's already had a cameo in The Expendables 3 and appeared in Furious 7 and Entourage, and this remake marks the fourth project developed for her, following her biopic, My Fight/Your Fight, The Athena Project and Mile 22.

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No one should be surprised that Rousey plans to go as hard prepping for her role as a leading lady as she does for her fights in the ring.

"I'm gonna make everybody proud -- I promise," she says. "I don't suck at things. It can't happen."