David Cassidy Bizarrely Lashes Out at Morning Show Anchors When Asked About Bankruptcy

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In a Friday interview with Britain's This Morning, David Cassidy accused co-anchor Eamonn Holmes of "rubbishing" him.

The former Partridge Family star appeared on the show via satellite from Florida, and started to get agitated when he was questioned about filing for bankruptcy and auctioning off his $1.8 million Florida mansion.

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Cassidy, 65, blamed his financial setback on his divorce from wife Sue. "It had nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, that was a totally separate issue," he said of giving up his home. "I'm doing it because I'm in the middle of a divorce."

When Holmes asked if the selling of the mansion would help pay off some of Cassidy's debts, the '70s heartthrob was visibly disturbed by the question.

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"When you declare bankruptcy in this country, it's something you do in order to reorganize what you have, your assets, so I'm not going to discuss that," he explained, also adding, "I have and I still have fantastic assets."

Cassidy got even more bothered by the questions regarding his finances, and at one point asked, "Are you trying to rubbish me?"

He later snapped back, "Don't interrupt me." Cassidy then told the anchors to "wait" nine times in a row before getting to his point.

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After the interview, Holmes tweeted his shock over the singer/actor's behavior, writing: "Just when I thought my #DavidBlaine i/view could never be topped, along comes another David to steal the Crown - #DavidCassidy #ThisMorning."

Cassidy has had a rough go of it these past few years. On Jan. 10, 2014, he was arrested on suspicion of DUI after he allegedly took a breathalyzer test and was found to be over twice the legal limit.

He was sentenced to several months in rehab and put on a five-year probation.

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"This has been a very difficult time for me battling this deadly disease, like millions of others in our country," he told ET in February 2014 while in rehab. "I am working as hard as any human being to live a sober life."