Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling Explain Why They Do Not Want Their Own Late-Night Talk Shows

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Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling are shutting down hopes that
either funny lady could join the ranks of late-night hosts.

The two actresses came together at 92nd Street Y in New York
City on Wednesday night to discuss everything from late-night TV aspirations to
Donald Trump while promoting Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me?

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When asked by an audience member about the time slot --
which has drawn criticism for being dominated by men, especially after both
James Corden and Stephen Colbert were named as replacements for Craig Ferguson
and David Letterman respectively -- both were quick to say no.

“A woman should have one for sure,” Fey added, acknowledging
that outside of Chelsea Handler and Samantha Bee there is a lack of women on
late night.

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As to why she’s not interested, Fey sited Amy Schumer’s
recent sketch, “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer,” which debated whether
Schumer was hot enough to be on TV. Kaling and Fey both agreed that they were not
interested in that kind of scrutiny.

“What would you wear?” Fey asked at one point.

“You have to be neutral,” Kaling responded, admitting that a
female host's outfits would also be judged.

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While Kaling is not interested in late-night, she does want
to write a romantic comedy, and even pitched one starring Fey and George

Riffing off the idea that people used to think of Fey as a
sexy librarian, Kaling said Fey would play a “sexy librarian” who worked at the
same university where an Indiana Jones-type professor (played by Clooney)
taught class. The two would eventually fall in love and “bang in Rome.” (That
phrase was even the suggested title of the would-be flick.)

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While the conversation between Fey and Kaling took place
during the Republican debate on CNN, that didn’t stop them from getting
political -- or at least talking about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“While I don’t believe in virtually anything he wants to do,
his turn of phrases are amazing,” Kaling said before adding that he’s “such a
bad sport.”

But would Kaling make out with Trump?

“For a couple of hours? Yeah, sure,” Kaling joked with Fey.

A shocking admission for sure -- but not as surprising as some
of the new stories Kaling reveals in her new book, which hit shelves on
Tuesday. Watch the video below to learn about the Mindy Project creator’s thoughts on Kim Kardashian and filming sex