Kermit and Miss Piggy Make Awkward, First Late-Night Appearance Since Split


Is Miss Piggy the next Bachelorette?

The Muppets Show
star gave her first joint interview with Kermit the Frog since the two broke up in August. While on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kermit opened up about his new, younger girlfriend Denise, while Miss Piggy admitted to playing the field a bit.

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Jimmy supported the idea that Miss Piggy be the next star of The Bachelorette, leading her to admit that she was in talks with ABC about the dating show.

Once "the most prominent interspecies couple in the world," Miss Piggy and Kermit couldn't stop bickering during their JKL appearance. When they started talking about their dating lives, Miss Piggy admitted that she's upped her standards and now she'd never date someone with webbed feet.

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When Jimmy pointed out that all frogs have webbed feet, Miss Piggy bit back, “The only time I ever came across a frog in school, I dissected it!”


Miss Piggy also made a dig at Jimmy when comparing his show to her late-night program. "I basically do whatever it is you do here, only better and in high heels," she bragged.

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Kermit recently opened up to ET about his breakup, and what led to his split from Miss Piggy. 

"It's an interesting thing that happens sometimes -- you're with someone for years, and you suddenly discover that you have gone in two different directions," he explained. "And when you're a frog and a pig, those directions can be extreme."

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