'Blood and Oil' Star Chace Crawford Talks Life After 'Gossip Girl' and Reuniting With Ed Westwick!

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Hey, Upper East Siders!

Did you know that two of your favorite Gossip Girl guys are coming to ABC this fall? That's right, and to welcome back Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass to our screens, ET caught up with Blood and Oil star Chace Crawford to chat about his highly anticipated return to TV and how it feels to reunite with his Gossip Girl co-star, Ed Westwick.

So what's the real reason Crawford is finally coming back to television in this new ABC drama? "I was broke. I was just down and out," the actor joked. "No, to be honest, it was one of the best pilots I'd read ever, and definitely this year. It was just so different from what I did, you know? It's so different from that whole world."

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And Westwick is another actor from that Gossip Girl world who is also joining ABC's fall lineup.

"I just ran into him downstairs! How funny is that?" Crawford exclaimed as soon as we brought up his former GG co-star. "Wicked City. It's just like our show, it's so much like it, right?" he added sarcastically.

In Westwick's new drama, Wicked City -- premiering Tuesday, Oct. 27 -- the star is ditching his signature bow ties and picking up knives as a deranged serial killer.

When asked if Westwick has what it takes to pull off such a sinister new role, Crawford admitted that his former co-star is perfect for the bloody role. "Oddly enough, yeah," he laughed. "It's actually pretty right to be honest with you."

"He's such a phenomenal actor, you know, so it's good to see him working again," Crawford continued, "He's a character. I love him to death. We were like brothers on that show so it's good to see him and be a part of the same family network again."

Blood and Oil
premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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