Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Shares 'Weird Yet Amazing' Video of Her Baby Bump Moving

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Jessa Seewald is more than five months into her pregnancy, but is more fascinated than ever with her growing baby bump.

The 22-year-old reality star Instagrammed a video of her belly on Tuesday, capturing her baby being very active.

"So weird and yet amazing to see my baby move like this!" Jessa wrote. "Finally managed to capture one of those super active moments! Lol! I know, I'm a bit obsessed... but this Mama is absolutely fascinated! Here's what the #BabyBump looks like from my perspective. #BabySeewald."

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Jessa and her husband, 19-year-old Ben Seewald, are expecting their first child in November. Last week, ET confirmed that TLC is giving the couple their own upcoming special, after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled in July in the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation scandal.

"We're going to be doing some filming preparing to welcome this little one into our lives," Jessa dished during their appearance at the Southern Women's Show in Orlando, Florida last Saturday. "It’s gonna be great."

The two have yet to announce the gender of their baby, though in April, they hinted that they could even be having twins. "You know, pretty soon we'll be making another little smoothie," Jessa said in a TLC video as the two enjoyed a nutritious drink, to which Ben replied, "Yep, maybe more than one!"

Jessa and Ben have been married since Nov. 1, 2014, when they tied the knot in front of more than 1,000 people at the First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Arkansas. At their appearance on Saturday, the young couple revealed the surprising way they avoid fights.
"Don't talk about stuff late at night," Ben advised. "Like, do it earlier in the day. Everything is more dramatic in the evening so we try to avoid that if possible."

"Keeping your word soft is really important," Jessa added. "Like the Bible says, a soft answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up strife. If you respond with harsh words, it's just gonna escalate from there, so come back with a soft response and like, calm, meek, be humble. Don't like, raise yourself up from the tide and think my way is the only way."

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