EXCLUSIVE: 'Grandfathered' Sneak Peek: Get Ready for Champagne Pong, Truth or Dare & Father-Son Bonding!


It's "guys' night" on Grandfathered, and -- if you're like us -- you must be extremely jealous that you weren't invited.

Not to worry, TV fans. ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek at tonight's hilarious first scene, plus behind-the-scenes scoop from Josh Peck about what it's like to let loose with John Stamos.

Ummm… how can we get invited to that party?!

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In our first look clip, above, Gerald and his mom are totally crushing it at family game night with their "verbal incest," but when it comes time for Jimmy to answer trivia questions about his son, he crashes and burns. Cue the father and son bonding!

So what can fans expect from Jimmy and Gerald's wild night out? "I think Beyoncé said it best with, 'I've been drinking, I've been drinking!'" Peck teased to ETonline. (Solid Beyoncé reference, Peck. We approve.)

"Gerald is letting loose and I'm going to be sewing my wild oats with the help of John Stamos," he spilled. "Getting tipsy is fun enough, but when you're doing it with John, he brings it to a whole other level. I think people will be really delighted with kind of how crazy we get."

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This father-son craziness includes a rousing game of truth or dare, some secret spilling, and, of course, some of the classic party to-do's. "We're playing beer pong and eating super unhealthy food because that just goes hand-in-hand with the consumption of alcohol," Peck said. "So we pretty much cover the whole spectrum."

Hold up -- beer pong?! We couldn't imagine Jimmy actually playing that red-cup drinking game, and our assumptions were correct, because he puts a classy twist on the frat boy favorite.

"The joke of it is that we're trying to play it with champagne flutes because that's all he has in his house, so it's sort of impossible," Peck admitted. "But, dare I say, I think I might be more skilled in that area."

Tune into Grandfathered tonight at 8p.m. ET/PT on Fox for a full run-down of Jimmy and Gerald's guys' night.