EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell Dishes on Her 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Debut: 'I'm Quite Opinionated'

Naomi Campbell is checking into The Cortez on tonight's all-new episode of 'AHS: Hotel.'

Beauty and bloodshed go hand-in-hand on American Horror Story.

Naomi Campbell is checking into The Cortez on tonight's all-new episode of AHS: Hotel, and we've got the exclusive scoop on her "opinionated" character, and how she's using her supermodel past to bring a new level to the role.

"It's my first time," Campbell spilled of her introduction to the anthology series. "I'm so honored that Ryan even asked me."

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And it sounds like Murphy has crafted Campbell a killer debut role. "My name is Claudia Bankson and I work at Vogue Magazine. I'm quite opinionated," Campbell shared.

Given that Campbell has graced the cover of countless issues of Vogue throughout the world, it's fitting that her AHS alter ego would work for the magazine. "I kind of know how it works at magazines, obviously, but I kind of wanted to make it more about her, and her life, and where she comes from as a person."

Campbell added, "She's strong, independent, says what she wants to say. She's honest."

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Unfortunately, from the looks of Claudia's bloody appearance in the new AHS: Hotel promo, it doesn't seem as if she'll survive the horrors that hide in Hotel Cortez.

When asked whether she'll be sharing any scenes with Lady Gaga's sex-obsessed character, The Countess, on tonight's episode of Hotel, Campbell was coy with her response. "You'll have to wait and see," she teased.

As for her return to Empire? "They've already announced that I'm coming back," Campbell assured fans of Camilla Marks. "But I'm not allowed to spill any beans." Well, as long as "Yoko" has another run-in with Cookie, we'll be thrilled!


American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m ET/PT. on FX.