Ali Landry's Husband Spoke Openly About Family Before His Father & Brother Were Killed

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Ali Landry and her husband, Alejandro Monteverde, opened up their home earlier this year for a heartfelt conversation about family just months before Monteverde's father and brother were found slain in Mexico.

"If I could be half of what my dad was to me, I think I would do a great job with my children," Monteverde said in a chat for Feeln's Breaking Bread With Brooke Burke.

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The 38-year-old director explained that for him family is everything.

"When you die, you will realize that all you really have is family," Monteverde said. "If life in itself had a heart, that's what family is. It's the foundation."

Monteverde's father, Juan Manuel Gomez Fernandez, and his brother, Juan Manuel Gomez Monteverde were reported missing on Sept. 4. Two weeks later, their bodies were discovered by law enforcement on Sept. 19. According to local news channel, Televisa, the men were kidnapped and held for ransom. The news source reports that the ransom was paid, but the men were still killed.

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The couple's sitdown with Feeln took place on July 1, well before the life-changing events that would follow more than two months later. But even then, they had a primary focus on cherishing their loved ones and keeping them close.

"I want [our children] always to be grateful for everything," Landry, 42, said. "I want our children to want to be with us before their friends. That's how we feel about our own parents. We love to be with our parents. That's the sort of relationship I want with my children -- I guess just mimicking what our parents did for us."

"Your true legacy is your children, and if you do a good job with your children, then you're very successful," Monteverde added.

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The couple, who wed in 2006, have three children together: Estela, 8, Marcelo, 4, and Valentin, 2.

"Unhappiness comes from trying to have and not appreciating what you have," Monteverde said. "To appreciate your family and to be grateful every second of your life, that's the core of happiness."