Kim Kardashian Surprised to Find Scott Disick Slept Over at Kourtney's House in New 'KUWTK' Clip

The reality TV star is shocked by Kourtney's actions in Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

Despite the consistent drama that surrounds their relationship, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are attempting to be civil for their children.

In a new clip from season 11 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the on-again, off-again couple -- who are parents to Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 10 months -- hang out together despite their July breakup, which happened after Scott was photographed with his ex, Chloe Bartoli, in Monte Carlo.

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In the sneak peek from Sunday's episode, Kourtney's sister, Kim Kardashian, is shocked when she pays a visit and discovers Scott is at Kourtney's home.

While talking in the kitchen, Kourtney tells Kim that she has tried asking Scott what he's doing to change his life.

"There's just a lot that would have to happen for him to get on a good path," Kourtney says.

Kim then asks her older sister if she'd ever consider forgiving Scott and getting back together with him. As Kourtney hesitantly starts to reply, Scott walks into the kitchen.

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The clip cuts to a solo interview with Kim, where she says, "I am in shock. I haven't seen him in so long. He obviously spent the night and Kourtney didn't mention that he was there."

"I thought Kourtney was really strong and firm," she adds. "I just don't understand."

Since the episode was filmed, Scott went into rehab in October and checked himself out one month later, as ET previously reported. 

As for where Kourtney and Scott are at in terms of their relationship right now, a source tells ET, "Nothing has changed between Scott and Kourtney. They are not getting back together."

The couple does see each other frequently, however.

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"Scott can come over [to Kourtney's house] whenever he wants to see the kids," the source adds. "He sleeps at his own house. Scott and Kourtney didn't sleep in the same bed for most of their relationship anyway."

In last week's episode of KUWTK, which was filmed right after the couple split, Kourtney told her family she had kicked Scott out of the house.

"I have asked Scott to move out of the house. As much as we've tried so many different things, it's just, this is the last resort," Kourtney said. "It's really not helping anybody to keep living this way, and I feel like this is what we need to try to hopefully better both of our lives."

To hear more, watch the video below.