Kim Kardashian's Kimoji App Breaks Apple Store After Insane Amount of Downloads


First she tries to break the Internet and now this!

First Kim Kardashian tries to break the Internet and now this!

The 35-year-old reality star launched her emoji app, Kimoji, on Monday and the overwhelming number of downloads led to some serious technical difficulties.

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According to TMZ, there was a point on Monday when there were 9,000 downloads per millisecond.

Those trying to get the app on their iPhones had some trouble after the store crashed. Kim was clearly excited at the response to her nearly NSFW icons, but also tweeted her apologies.

"Apple, I'm so sorry I broke your App Store!!!" she wrote. "I can't believe so many people downloaded my KIMOJI app that it affected the entire app store!"

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The tech team eventually got the app back up and running but Kim still wasn't over how in-demand her emojis had become in only a few hours. "Ahhhhhhhh I still can't believe we broke the entire App Store!!!! #KIMOJI," she tweeted.

Kim also bragged that her app was already number one on the download chart. "WOW!!! Thank you so much everyone who downloaded my new KIMOJI app!" she wrote.

Kanye West also gushed over the successful app, tweeting: "I’m so proud of my wife! This KIMOJI idea is so dope..."

Kimoji costs $1.99 to download, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star hasn't received much flack for charging for her emojis. She and her sisters did, however, face criticism earlier this year for enlisting a monthly fee to subscribers of their websites.

"For less than a cup of coffee, fans can get exclusive, original content that they won't get anywhere else about fashion, beauty, health, parenting," Kris Jenner defended her daughters' apps and websites when speaking exclusively to ET. "Each of them has employed teams of editors and videographers to work with them in shooting, curating and creating experiences to share with fans, capturing their passions, unique voices, experiences, lessons and likes."

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