Claire Danes Gushes Over 'Wonderful' Marriage and Making Out With Husband Hugh Dancy

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The honeymoon certainly isn't over for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy.

After six years of marriage, the Homeland actress is pretty content being a wife to the 40-year-old Hannibal star. "Marriage is wonderful. It’s challenging, and… it just keeps getting deeper," she told The Edit magazine. "I keep learning more things about him and myself, and that’s not always comfortable."

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Danes added that she enjoys the "incredible security" she feels being a spouse. "It's a huge asset to have a partnership with someone you trust and admire, and want to make out with" she gushed.

The 36-year-old actress gave birth to her son, Cyrus Dancy, in Dec. 2012, and is having lots of fun seeing everything through the eyes of a three year old. "Cyrus changes daily -- it’s wild, the rate of growth," Danes explained. "I'm excited by this phase. It's fun to see the world with him, to get his feedback on what we’re seeing."

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Danes also admitted that, since the age of six, therapy has been very beneficial for her. "I do it because it’s a helpful tool and a luxury to self-reflect and get some insight," she said. "But there have been points in my life when it was really essential."

ET was with Danes
when she was just starting out on My So-Called Life at age 15, and she admitted that her goal was to "stay sane."

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"I do feel a little powerless right now," she said at the time. "I think you can become dependent on fame and be as known as you want to be, you know?"

Decades later, Danes appears to be handling life in the limelight pretty well.

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