EXCLUSIVE: John Legend Talks Baby Names, Chrissy Teigen and His New Show, 'Underground'

ET caught up with the musician and he couldn't stop gushing over his family and new show.

John Legend can't seem to get his family off his mind as of late.

ET caught up with the 37-year-old "All of Me" singer at the 2016 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour for WGN America's Underground panel, where he couldn't stop gushing over his pregnant wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

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Legend told ET that he and Teigen are preparing for the arrival of their first child, a baby girl, together with a big move to a new home -- which was previously owned by Rihanna -- in Los Angeles.

"Yeah, we're trying to get the house ready before the baby gets here," he revealed. "I don't know if we're gonna get done in time! But we're gonna live in a house that's at least, you know, 90 percent finished by the time baby's here."

Legend said that he and his wife are "so excited" to be parents, but they don't have any baby names picked out just yet.

"We come up with some [names] every day, so we-- I just keep a running list," he told ET.

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As ET was interviewing Legend, Teigen, meanwhile, was on Instagram, sharing pics of the couple's dog in their empty house. "Moving day!" the 30-year-old mom-to-be captioned one of the snaps.

The GRAMMY-winning singer has had his hands full lately, as he's also gearing up for the March 9th premiere of Underground, a show he executive produced, which follows a group of slaves who band together to fight for their lives, families, future, and freedom.

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"I have a [film] company called Get Lifted and two of my partners, Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius, are old friends of mine. We've been working in television and film for a few years now, and we always are just trying to find stories and great creative people to collaborate, and put these stories out to the people, whether it's TV or film, and, of course, my career as a musician," Legend explained to ET about how he got involved with the project.

"So when this [idea] was presented to us, it was a script -- it was a script and a concept -- about the Underground Railroad," he continued. "I had studied African-American history, and knew quite a bit about slave narratives, and the narratives of the Underground Railroad. So, these stories were very real to me, because I had read a lot about them before, but I knew that most people hadn't, and this is a story that most people don't know."

"I think some people are wary of slave stories in film and TV, because it reminds of us a really dark part of American history," Legend added. "But what this show did that a lot of those stories don't do is really provide heroes for us. And action, and adventure, and suspense, and intrigue, and I thought it was a really unique way to approach this really difficult part of American history."

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