Zac Efron's Abs -- and Booty! -- Have Never Looked Better Than in These Pictures of Him Taking a Swim Lesson

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We GET it, Zac Efron. You lift.

Just kidding -- the fact that the Dirty Grandpa actor works on his fitness and wants us to be his witness is one of our favorite things about him. And if you didn't think it would be possible for Efron to get buffer, well, we would like you to know that he went to a swim lesson on Thursday.

And, you know what? Just take a look for yourself.

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When we saw this work of art photography, we were just like, abs! Abs! Abs! Arms! Arms! Arms! Pecs! Pecs! Pecs! Bulge. (Because he's wearing a jammer and, what? Are we supposed to NOT look?!)


You're welcome.

Oh, you want to look back at it? We got you.


We said you're welcome.

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We have a feeling Efron is hitting the pool to prepare for his role opposite Dwayne Johnson in the new Baywatch reboot. We're not sure if The Rock's recent Gymstagrams are him doing the same, since he is literally always in the gym.

We do know that D.J. will appreciate the work his co-star is putting into his body though. Last time he left a comment on one of Efron's Instagrams, Johnson just said, "Nice tits brother."

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