Britney Spears Shares Sexy Bikini Videos in Delightfully Bizarre New Instagram Posts

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Oh Britney... we don't always understand you, but we always love you.

In another one of her lovably random Instagram moments on Monday, pop star Britney Spears shared three videos of herself dancing while seated in a bikini, with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats' "S.O.B." playing in the background.

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Why did Britney share this delightfully weird video? It's doubtful that Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats have comissioned a video ("S.O.B." already has one), it might be a hint at something upcoming in the pop star's Vegas "Piece of Me" residency series, but the 34-year-old pop legend did not leave any other clues as to what the videos might be for.

Britney's follow-up post was regarding the color of sneakers. (Spoiler: They’re definitely gold.)

And after that, there was an appreciation for chocolate shakes with her boys:

The beauty of Britney's Instagram is that oftentimes there is no "why." There is only a deep appreciation that it exists.

You're amazing, Britney. Keep being you!

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Watch the video below for more of the pop star's wonderful Instagrams.