How 'Workaholics' Star Jillian Bell Met Justin Timberlake is the Most Mortifying Story Ever


Jillian Bell has a pretty humiliating story about meeting her idol, Justin Timberlake.

Sometimes meeting your idol doesn't go exactly as planned.

This is definitely the case when it comes to Workaholics star Jillian Bell, who recently shared her humiliating memory of meeting superstar Justin Timberlake during her appearance on Conan. Bell revealed that she was an *NSYNC superfan in her teenage years, and that she unexpectedly got to meet the 34-year-old singer when she was working as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

"I mean, I was obsessed," Bell, 31, admitted about her love for the "Mirrors" singer. "Yeah, it's weird. It's creepy."

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The 22 Jump Street star, who worked on SNL for a year in 2009, said she was tongue-tied and stared at the ground when he first walked into cast member Kristen Wiig's office, but things quickly got worse. After Wiig and Timberlake started joking about how great Wiig's butt looked on the poster of 2010's MacGruber, Bell saw it as her moment to chime in.

"This is when I'm like, 'Pipe in. Say anything,'" Bell explained. "So, they're just like, 'Look at that butt,' and I look up and I go, 'Yeah, put a penis in that butt.'"

"The reaction is, I believe, a polite chuckle, and then a change of subject," she continued, stunning even host Conan O'Brien with her NSFW response.

Of course, later, it got even more awkward. After Wiig invited Timberlake to go to the MacGruber premiere in NYC and Timberlake declined on account that he was going to be in Los Angeles at the time, Bell jokingly asked him to hang out.

"Kristen, she's so sweet, she said, 'Jillian, if you're going to be in town, you should come,' and I said, 'I'm actually going to be back in L.A.' -- and then I look at Justin Timberlake and I go, 'So I guess we should go together ... ?'"

Timberlake's uncomfortable response is, of course, priceless.

"He went, ' ... Is Kenan [Thompson] around?'" Bell recalled.

Watch the Night Before star tell the hilarious story below:

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