Michael Phelps Distracts College Basketball Player by Stripping Down and Dancing in a Speedo

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Well, this is certainly one way to get somebody's attention!

On Thursday night, Michael Phelps attended a men's basketball game at Arizona State University, stepping out wearing only his gold medals (all 18 of them!), a bright yellow Speedo and matching swim cap and a bow tie. Needless to say, all eyes were on the Olympic swimmer.

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The revealing get-up was all part of ASU's student-run "Curtain of Distraction," a legendary tradition led by the "942 Crew" in which fans in the student section aim to fluster a free-throw shooter from the opposing team by revealing some kind of distraction behind a black curtain.

Clearly, it worked -- a player from Oregon State, Stephen Thompson Jr., missed two foul shots!

How could you not look at this?

ASU won the game 86-68, and it's only right to praise Phelps for playing a part in their victory.

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Phelps, 30, has been using the university's facilities to train for the 2016 Olympic Games -- which he says will most likely be his last -- in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After his Olympic retirement, he reportedly plans to be an assistant coach for the Division 1 ASU swim team, currently led by his longtime coach, Bob Bowman.

As if he didn't already have enough on his plate, Phelps is also prepping to be a first-time dad. He and his fiancée, Nicole Johnson, announced they were expecting last November.

The news came just one week after he opened up to Sports Illustrated about the "dark place" he found himself in following his second DUI arrest.

"I look back now ...I lived in a bubble for a long time," he recalled. Hear more in the video below.

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