Tori Spelling Named Psychic Source Spokesperson

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Well, this could potentially ease some of Tori Spelling's reported money issues.

The 42-year-old actress has just been announced as Psychic Source's new celebrity partner and spokesperson. Psychic Source has been offering psychic readings for over 25 years -- either by phone or through online chat -- charging $1 per minute.

"I'm so excited to have the amazing advisors at Psychic Source available to me when I need insights into what's going on in my life, and I look forward to inspiring others to come along on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with me!" Spelling says in a statement about her new gig.

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As part of the partnership, Spelling plans to regularly share her experiences receiving guidance from advisors at Psychic Source with her fans.

"We know we will benefit not just from Ms. Spelling's celebrity status and the community of fans who love and admire her, but also from her genuine appreciation of and experiences with gifted psychic advisors in her own life," Maryanne Fiedler, Psychic Source Marketing Director, says in a statement.

The reality star has been open in the past about her use of psychics. "I explore new psychics the same way some people try out new restaurants," Spelling admitted in her 2010 book, Uncharted terriTORI. "If there were a Zagat that reviewed psychics, I'd keep it on my bedside table for handy access!"

And the new job couldn't come at a better time for Spelling. Last month, she was sued by American Express for payment on her balance. According to legal documents obtained by ET, Spelling had a balance of $37,981.97 on her American Express card, and hadn't made a payment since June 26, 2015. The payment in question -- for $1,070 -- was also returned.

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Of course, Spelling isn't the only celeb who's been open about using a psychic. Last December, Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons was overwhelmed when Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo connected him and his sister with their late father for an episode of the popular TLC show.

"It was very intense and very moving," Parsons told ET afterward. "She's the right medium -- I guess you would say -- to get across some deep messages. I just love her. I was only sorry when we had to stop."

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