EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney and Channing Tatum Reveal the Secret Behind Their Bromance

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How did George Clooney and Channing Tatum become our #BromanceGoals?

Well, they're two of the most attractive A-Listers in Hollywood, so there's that. They also co-star in the new movie, Hail, Caesar!, but don't actually share any scenes together. So, how did this bromance begin?

"I loved him in a skirt," Tatum told ET, referring to the Roman soldier costume Clooney dons in the film. "I saw what was under the skirt, and that's why I really got into the game."

"Yes, once he saw me in a skirt, he said, 'We're doing press together,'" Clooney confirmed. "And a young man in a sailor suit, what do you do?"

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That said, their newfound friendship isn't all sunshine and roses. When asked what question he is sick of answering, Clooney said, "The one they ask me all the time is, 'Is Channing going to be Sexiest Man Alive again?'"

The real million dollar question is whether this bromance could carry over into a cameo in the inevitable Magic Mike 3XL.

"I think you should remember, he fashioned Magic Mike after me," Clooney revealed. "Put a little tequila into me and next thing you know, dollars are flying! I'm putting them everywhere!"

Still, Tatum, who wrote the sequel, has a role in mind. "I think he would play Kevin Nash's boa," he joked of his 6'9" costar, who plays Tarzan. "Like, he would just be the boa. Like, he would just go around Kevin Nash's neck."

Hail, Caesar!
is in theaters Friday.

Plus, watch the video below to find out why Tatum's singing makes his daughter cry and why Clooney is telling his buddy to stay away from Amal's birthday party.