Kanye West Finally Drops 'The Life of Pablo'

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The Life of Pablo
finally lives.

Kanye West dropped his much-anticipated seventh solo studio album while performing on Saturday Night Live. He made the announcement right after performing Pablo's opening track, "Ultralight Beam," on the sketch show.

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is streaming on Tidal for subscribers and as a paid download on kanyewest.com (or it will be, but as of Sunday afternoon, the same recorded message played on repeat on the site -- and nothing else). The album will be exclusive to his site for at least two weeks before going into wide release, with West pleading for fans to subscribe to Tidal because he "decided not to sell my album for another week."

The stream has had its fair share of problems in the few hours it's been available. Users have been experiencing technical issues, including not being able to properly hear the song "Wolves," though West tweeted that he was working on fixing that track.

Seeing The Life of Pablo come to fruition has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Let's recap, shall we? The album was once calledSo Help Me God before being declared SWISH. It then suddenly got changed to Waves before taking its fourth and final current title. He also managed to debut his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection and pick a fight with Wiz Khalifa somewhere in between laying down the final tracks.

In the end, Pablo wound up consisting of 18 tracks, with the entire self-proclaimed gossip album clocking in at a brief 58 minutes and two seconds. Previously released songs "Real Friends," "Wolves" and "Fade" all made the cut, while some of the singles he released over the last two years, including "Only One," "FourFiveSeconds" and "All Day" did not.

West actually debuted the album on Thursday at the Yeezy fashion show and album release event at NYC's Madison Square Garden, the same day he claimed the album was supposed to be available publicly to fans. While it did manage to stir up quite the controversy due to lyrics about Taylor Swift, fans weren't able to listen to the album for themsleves later that day. West then pushed the drop date to Friday, but the album didn't appear then either.

By the time the weekend fully kicked off, Pablo still wasn’t available, and West went on an epic 20-tweet long rant that started and ended by blaming Chance the Rapper for the delay.

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In between slamming Chance, West called out a gossip site for dissing the Yeezy Season 3 collection while praising Caitlyn Jenner's support for him and Rihanna's NYFW debut with Puma.

By Sunday morning, West had changed his tune about Chance, thanking him with a similar meme -- mocked up, like the other two, to resemble the Pablo cover -- once the album was finally available.

In the wake of the album finally dropping and West's now notorious recent social media rants, his former co-writer, Rhymefest, opened up about his concerns for the 38-year-old rapper.

After a fan said he wished that the GRAMMY award-winning songwriter would also pen West's tweets, Rhymefest wrote, "My brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental. He should step away from the public & yesmen & heal."

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Rhmyfest revealed that he stopped working with the "Gold Digger" rapper last month. After a few more fans requested that the Chicago-based writer work with West again, he replied, "Nah his mind and spirit isn't right."

"I love my brother. I pray for his health not our entertainment," he added.

Rhymefest's concerns seem even more apt now that West has gone on yet another Twitter spree following his SNL performance. In Saturday night's rant, he referenced Paul the Apostle before writing, "I have the right to speak my voice..." and "In a few hours the journey begins..." In the same flow, he surprisingly admitted to having $53 million in personal debt, then asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to donate money.

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The Life of Pablo
is the latest release on Tidal, with Rihanna's ANTI debuting with the service last month and Beyoncé's newest song, "Formation," premiering there on Feb. 6, just ahead of her Super Bowl halftime performance.