EXCLUSIVE: Ginnifer Goodwin Admits She's Not Ready to Have Another Boy

The 'Once Upon a Time' star tells ET that she sometimes forgets she's pregnant.

Ginnifer Goodwin joked with ET that she sometimes forgets she's has a baby bump -- but not when she's wearing stilettos!

"It's just being pregnant in heels is like a whole thing!" the 37-year-old actress quipped while at the Hollywood premiere of Zootopia on Wednesday night. "Like, center of gravity is very, very different!"

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Goodwin arrived on the red carpet with her husband and Once Upon a Time co-star, Josh Dallas, and admitted that she's not quite ready for her second child. The couple welcomed their son, Oliver Finlay Dallas, in May 2014.

"It's terrible! We keep forgetting that we're pregnant -- my husband and I both," she said. "I'll lean up against something and I'm like, 'Oh there's a belly there!'"

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Goodwin also revealed that she's expecting a boy, but has yet to decide on a name. "We're trying on different things. It's hard because we are having a boy and we blew it," she joked. "I mean, not blew it, but Oliver to us is like the best name on the planet. So, how do we follow Oliver with another name that's just as stunning?"

In Zootopia, Goodwin is the voice of heroine, Judy Hopps, but admits that her son, Oliver isn't quite at the age to understand that his mother is portraying the animated character. "I don't think he's old enough to connect the dots. But he was given a handful of Zootopia toys by our filmmakers, and he really is attached to them in this kind of strange, foreshadowing way," she shared. "I mean, he doesn't understand, even though we've said mommy plays this character."

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Goodwin is hoping kids that do see the movie are empowered by Judy Hopps as much as she was when portraying the character. "I think I am as optimistic and idealistic as Judy Hobbes. I chose a career where ...everything is against an actress going into this business and I'm not crazy skinny and I don't look like a lot of actresses," she explained. "My path could have gone a very different way. I've been extremely lucky!"

hits theaters March 4.

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