Kanye West Addresses Criticism in New Twitter Rant: Stop 'Trying to Talk Me Out of Being Me'

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Kanye West is gonna keep being Kanye!

The Life of Pablo
rapper addressed recent criticism in a new mini-Twitter rant on Monday, writing, "Question... Why do people not want me to be me?

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"I want people to be the best version of themselves," the 38-year-old artist added. "And I will be the best version of me."

"Growing and learning but not being told to stop ...not being stunted," Kanye clarified. "Please avoid trying to talk me out of being me in the future."

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And as with most updates from "dad" (a title affectionately given to the rapper by many on Twitter), Yeezy ended the tweetstorm by confirming that the vibes are indeed all positive.

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It's all love, Kanye!

Meanwhile, in the tweets immediately preceding those above, Kanye indicated that he may be leaving his days of releasing physical CDs behind him.

After The Life of Pablo's exclusive Tidal release reportedly more than doubled subscriptions to the music streaming service, Kanye wrote on Monday, "I was thinking about not making CDs ever again... Only streaming."

"The Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CDs r.i.p," he wrote, referencing his 2013 album, which famously lacked any artwork and was released in a clear jewel case with red tape.

Def Jam Recordings

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"Uuuuuuum, so there it is," Kanye seemingly decided. "No more CDs from me."

There you have it!

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While the musician's Twitter persona has drawn a wide range of reactions from those online, you have to admit that, at times, 'Ye being 'Ye is really funny.

For example, watch this video below to see Kanye's entertaining Twitter feud with EDM DJ, Deadmau5.