The 7 Wildest Moments From 'The Bachelor' Season 20: Unicorns, Cake Dances and Dental Exams


While the final rose has not yet been presented, that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a look at the long, and at times, jaw-dropping road that led us to the season 20 finale of The Bachelor.

Ben Higgins has spent weeks vetting hopeful suitors, looking for a woman to pour his heart out to and accept into his life. Along the way, he's met a whole score of fascinating women who have presented him with a slew of memorable moments.

In preparation for the grand finale of The Bachelor, let's look back at the seven moments that made this season so wildly fun.

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1. Unicorns and Onesies and Twins, Oh My!

The arrivals provided the unique opportunity for all the contestants to leave a memorable first impression, and some of the women took that as a challenge.

From Izzy showing up in a onesie, so she could find out if Ben was "the onesie" for her…

To Haley and Emily Ferguson blowing Ben's mind by being twins…

To Jojo, who is one of the last two remaining women, despite inexplicably showing up in a plastic unicorn head, which had to be one of the most unnerving things for Ben to see when she was stepping out of that limo.

2. A Mouthful of Dental Weirdness

It's hard to overstate just how insane the first episode of the season really was, but nothing beat the oral examination Ben received from Mandi -- who had shown up to the mansion with a giant red rose strapped to her head -- after she stole him away right as he was about to address the group of girls that had assembled in the living room.

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3. Jubilee's Roller Coaster of a Date

Episode three was a difficult one for Jubilee, who spent most of her time being sad that Ben likely wasn't going to choose her for a one-on-one date. Then, when he did, her emotions skyrocketed!

That is, until she found out she'd have to ride in a helicopter, despite being flat-out terrified of heights. Which is when she (jokingly) asked if any of the other (jealous) women wanted to go on her date for her. The girls didn't find that joke funny, at all.

The date went on to be crazy weird (and yes, it did include Ben trying to twerk), but things got somber and emotional when Jubilee candidly opened up to Ben about her tragic past, and the two connected on a deeper level.

After the date, Jubilee surprised all the women in the house when she received a rose from Ben. Considering none of them expected her to come back at all, they decided to gang up on her and harass her until she was crying in a bathroom and Ben came to her defense like a brave knight in shining armor.

A knight who ended up eliminating her from the show two episodes later.

4. Lace Unties Herself From The Bachelor

Wow, Lace was something else. From kissing Ben without his consent immediately upon meeting him to being a big proponent of constant eye contact, Lace had the makings of a fan-favorite crazy person. Right up until she decided to quit!

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5. Olivia Is the Secret Ingredient

With Lace out of the way, Olivia was free to claim the title of Most Reviled Bachelor Contestant of the season. And there was no shortage of classic Olivia moments.

For example, the time Ben told the girls that some of his family's friends had died in a plane crash, and he was looking for a comforting shoulder -- so Olivia decided to steal him away and cry about people making fun of her for having "cankles." Classy.

Or the time Olivia insulted single mothers across the country with the crass, insensitive Teen Mom insult aimed at Amanda.

But there may not be any purer moment of bizarre, surreal hilarity than when Olivia popped out of a cake in Las Vegas, performed the world's most awkward sexy dance, than had a full-blown panic attack/meltdown.

Considering all this, it's no wonder Ben didn't simply eliminate her from the competition, he waited to literally leave her stranded on an island. That's a pretty hard breakup.

6. Golden Arches, Magic Moments

On a date to his hometown, Ben took Amanda on a romantic date to McDonalds, and then made the two of them work the drive-thru line as employees. This is a real thing that really happened. For real.

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7. The Two-Sided Love Triangle

Love can be messy and complicated -- especially when you've got three women vying for your heart, all three of whom love you, but you only love two of them (and you explicitly do not love the third one). You know, regular, everyday kind of problems.

Here's how this web of love-besotted insanity played out. Caila told Ben that she loved him, and he responded with a kiss. It's how most bachelors handle that situation because the cardinal rule of being The Bachelor is you do not say "I love you" until the final rose.

So when Lauren B. tells Ben she loves him later on, he obviously plays it off by silently kissing her as well. Just kidding! Ben immediately tells her that he loves her as well, shocking Lauren (and every Bachelor fan watching) to no end.

However, the specialness of that moment is dampened a little when Jojo tells Ben she loves him -- and, once again, he responds by dropping the L-bomb! Two "I love yous" to two different women when it he should have said it zero times altogether!

Although, now that Ben loved every girl still on the show EXCEPT Caila, it was time to send her home. Which comes as a devastating surprise to Caila, due to the fact that she had no reason whatsoever to assume he didn't love her, and actively thought that he did, but just couldn’t say anything because of that one, all-important rule that he had no qualms about breaking twice!

So, now it all comes down to Jojo and Lauren B., who still don't know that Ben has said "I love you" to both of them. Sounds like some serious sparks are going to fly in the season 20 finale!

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