EXCLUSIVE: Nick Carter and Wife Lauren Reveal Pregnancy Complications, Cravings and Stunning Maternity Pics!

See the gorgeous photos as the Backstreet Boys singer gets ready to welcome a son!

Following a whirlwind pregnancy fraught with early complications, movie-making, a solo tour, new Backstreet Boys music and a Dancing With the Stars gig, Nick Carter and wife Lauren are about to celebrate their second wedding anniversary with the ultimate gift -- their precious baby boy.

With just four weeks to go until the baby's due date of April 12 -- the exact date the two tied the knot in Santa Barbara, California, in 2014 -- the couple took some time out for a magical maternity shoot with photographer Lori Dorman, telling ET that they could barely look at each other without tearing up during the dreamy snaps.

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman

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"I hate getting emotional but seeing her like that triggered this influx of emotions that really made me realize what's happening in our life," Nick said. "Without each other, the two of us would never have gotten to this point, so it feels amazing and it's crazy how much more in love you can become when you start this phase of your life."


The pair announced they were expecting during Nick's stint on Dancing With the Stars last year, confessing that they had previously suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. They revealed to ET that this pregnancy also faced a scary turning point early on.

"In the beginning of this pregnancy, we had complications and weren't sure if it was going to carry through," Lauren, 32, shares. "It was just first trimester complications that passed, but I didn't completely connect with my baby until I got later into my second trimester, because I didn't know what was going to happen."

"Until we were way past any danger points, I just went with the flow and accepted whatever would come was whatever would be."

Lori Dorman

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With both mom and son now healthy, Nick and Lauren -- both of whom never wanted children or marriage until meeting each other -- can't wait to welcome their first child. Lauren, a fitness expert, is busy reading baby books, attending pre-natal classes, doing yoga and preparing the house for a planned natural home birth.

Despite his hectic schedule, which includes wrapping up a tour and prepping for the April 1 premiere of his Syfy movie, Dead 7, the "Get Over You" singer is constantly in touch with Lauren as he slowly comes to terms with impending fatherhood.

"It's still surreal and I still can't believe it. I've just recently been starting to envision him! It's weird, but I see him walking around in a diaper, next to me, asking me questions or saying things," Nick imagines. "I've never seen these things before, and I don't know what it's about, but I can't wait to meet him, play with him and teach him."

Lori Dorman

But don't expect the video game nut to get Baby Carter playing World of Warcraft as soon as his little boy is old enough. "I'm trying not to play so many video games, because I don't want him to be a gaming addict like I am!" he admits.

And while Lauren hasn't experienced pregnancy cravings, thanks to an exercise and diet regime which has her eating small meals every four hours, the couple joke that Nick has been eating for two.

Lori Dorman

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"It's so funny because I'm the one who's had all the cravings for all the bad stuff," he says. "I've put on 10 pounds since Dancing With the Stars, so I'm just starting to lose all that weight now."

"I think it's stress weight!" Nick added. "I'm worried about Lauren all the time -- whether she's healthy and everything's going to be OK, and nervous she'll be by herself and I won't be able to be there with her."

With the Backstreet Boys now working on a follow-up to 2013's In a World Like This, which featured several tracks inspired by band members' experiences with fatherhood, Nick predicts the "rush of emotions" he feels after becoming a dad will mean he too will bring parenthood into the next BSB record.

Lori Dorman

So, what words of wisdom do his fellow Backstreet dads have for their youngest member?

"It's more a warning than advice," Nick says. "Howie and all the guys are like, 'Be prepared, because you're never going to sleep!' It's like they're chuckling on the inside, getting ready to watch me go through some torture that they went through!"

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See even more photos from the parents-to-be's gorgeous maternity photoshoot below. 

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman