Iggy Azalea Saved Nick Young From Totally Embarrassing Tattoo Fail -- Check Out the Hilarious Photo!

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Iggy Azalea says she and fiancé Nick Young are "good," but she has no problem calling him out on Twitter.

The 25-year-old "Team" rapper hilariously revealed the NBA star's near-epic tattoo fail, tweeting, "Guys, I wanna let you know. Nick can't spell and if it wasn't for the LOVE I have for him. He would have 'BORN REBLE' tatted across his back."

"I came in half way thru his tattoo and noticed 'BORN REBEL' looked different to the way I remember it," Iggy teased.

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Iggy not only put Nick's bad spelling on blast, but provided photographic evidence -- admitting she was initially 'gonna be petty' and not say anything. "See...Lucky I'm around @NickSwagyPYoung," she wrote.

The Los Angeles Lakers player threw some shade back at his fiancée, tweeting that his "Becky" must "be tripping" -- we all know how Iggy feels about being called the B-word -- but eventually backtracked, "OK...You won."

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Iggy and Nick got engaged in June 2015, but she postponed the wedding earlier this year to focus on her tour.

Things grew more...complicated in March when Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell recorded a video of Nick seemingly admitting to cheating on the "Fancy" singer. Since then, Iggy has adamantly denied any controversy at home, but also coyly added, "We're not unengaged yet."

Iggy recently caused her own controversy when she seemingly called out Beyoncé's instantly-infamous Lemonade lyric about "Becky with the good hair" as racially insensitive. Find out what she had to say in the video below.