Justin Timberlake Teases New Music Is On the Way, Talks the Unglamorous Side to Fatherhood

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Justin Timberlake is back, and better than ever.

The 35-year-old singer called Elvis Duran of Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show on Friday, where he chatted about his new single, "Can't Stop the Feeling," from Dreamworks Animations' Trolls soundtrack, more new music and how his life has changed since becoming a father.

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The electric tune, which marks his first song in three years, dropped late Thursday night, and needless to say, it's epic.

"It's been a lot of fun writing and creating music for this movie, I've never done anything like this before," Timberlake, who is executive producing the soundtrack, explained. "To be honest, I was a little bit nervous about doing it because you kind of walk in going, 'What are the restrictions?' But it kind of frees you up in a different way and I feel like I came up with something that was maybe not something I would've written before, and something I actually really love!"

In addition to "Can't Stop the Feeling," Timberlake will lend his vocals to three other tracks on the Trolls soundtrack, which hits shelves Sept. 23. He also teased that fans can expect to hear a few other familiar names on the soundtrack.

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"Honestly, I'm really happy with the soundtrack," he exclaimed. "I wrote [a song] for Ariana [Grande] to do, which she crushed, I wrote one for Gwen [Stefani] to do, which she crushed, so I'm sure we'll have to deal with their record labels, but I always say nothing should ever get in the way of a great song!"

Timberlake added that he gets "really excited" when he creates new sounds in the studio -- but does he like jamming out to his own tunes?

"After [a song] gets done, I think there's a period where it's fresh and new and you're excited for people to hear it because you love it, but to go back to the live shows, that's where I go, 'Wow, this is awesome!'" he explained. "To see people throwing their hands in the air and singing a huge chorus to 'Mirrors,' or even songs like 'Rock Your Body' that they still hold up with the fans, you can't even describe."

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"It can make you feel like ten thousand feet tall," he continued, adding "it's also humbling at the same time. That's the payoff."

With the release of the catchy new track, Timberlake's Twitter mentions instantly filled with questions from fans, asking when he plans to drop a new album.

"I have no idea. No I really don't!" he said. "I'm not going to make it any secret that I've been in the studio. To be honest, working on this soundtrack inspired me to get back in because I was having so much fun making music for the movie that it kind of just started to bleed over and into maybe seeing what would happen if I were to make another record for myself."

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"I'm kind of just in the creative process right now and I don't really have a deadline," he added. "For me, when I make an album for myself, it's done when it's done. I honestly don't know, but I am really, really excited with what I'm coming up with because I think it sounds like something I haven't quite done and hasn't quite been done."

Timberlake also stated that even though he still loves making music, he looks at "everything differently now" ever since his wife, Jessica Biel, gave birth to their first child, son Silas, last April.

"Yes, having a little man in the house now changes everything!" he dished. "When I used to clean up my dog's poop, it was like it was a science project; I wouldn't get very close to it. When you have a kid and there's poop, you got to get in there! Nothing trumps your kid's butt cleanliness, so you just have to get in there!"

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