'The Good Wife' Finale: Alicia Florrick Comes Full Circle [Spoilers]

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Julianna Margulies told us it would be bittersweet – and The Good Wife finale on Sunday night certainly was that! 

The finale wrapped up some major plotlines and -- more importantly -- it brought Margulies' character, Alicia Florrick, full circle.

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In the final minutes of the show, we were deliberately brought back to the beginning of the series -- with Alicia called to stand by her husband once again as 'the good wife,' while her disgraced husband Peter (Chris Noth) gives yet another scripted public apology for his wrongdoings.

But after seven seasons, Alicia's finally not willing to play that part anymore and, in what is perhaps the most satisfying moment of the episode, she breaks away from Peter right as he reaches for her.

The episode was fraught with twist after last-minute, heartbreaking twist. But who can forget it also brought us back Will (Josh Charles), as Alicia internally answers Lucca's question: "Who do you want to come home to?"

While we don't get an answer to the question of whether Alicia and Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) end up together, that answer seems less important than where Alicia is at the end of the show; a powerful woman, one who doesn't break -- as she so calculatingly tells assistant U.S. attorney Connor Fox (Matthew Morrison).

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What we do know is that Alicia has a good future ahead of her – with or without a man. Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) has convinced Peter's donors to throw their weight, and their money, behind Alicia. The inevitable divorce, Eli tells Peter, will be seen by the public as a move of independence.

Thankfully, that independence will be more than just for show as so much of Peter and Alicia's marriage has been.

The Good Wife
creators and writers, Robert and Michelle King, discussed the ending and that slap with CBS in a video posted to Twitter on Sunday evening.

"We started with this feeling that it started with a slap and it should end with a slap," Robert said.

"This show is about a woman who becomes more and more confident and more and more cunning, and excited about her abilities and also about power. So that slap at the end is very similar to the slap at the beginning. We always had this idea of Alicia becoming more and more of something that she also was not liking in her husband."

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Fans chimed on Twitter in with their grief and farewells to the show using the hashtag #TheGoodWifeFarewell. For his part, Josh Charles, who played Will Gardner in the series, raised a toast: "To Wife, To Wife, L'Chaim!" he wrote.

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