Russell Crowe Recalls How He Unintentionally Invited 16 Women to 'Intimate' Dinner With Ryan Gosling

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Russell Crowe had the best of intentions when he invited Ryan Gosling to dinner.

The 52-year-old actor appeared on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, and recalled how he came to meet his Nice Guys co-star. "I watched like three of his movies in a row at one point. I watched Drive, Crazy, Stupid Love and Ides Of March, and I thought that this kid's really spectacular," he gushed over Gosling. "So, I wanted to reach out to him and say 'hello' to him and talk to him about a particular project."

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Gosling agreed to a "quiet, little intimate dinner" with Crowe and his then-wife, but that wasn't what ended up happening. "I told the wife that we’re going to have dinner with Ryan Gosling. She goes, 'Oh, cool,' she didn't really say much," he explained. "But on the day, I was talking to her and she had invited 12 of her girlfriends. So I’ve told this idea to Ryan that he’s going to be having this little intimate dinner, but now I’ve got my wife and 12 -- and plus her mother."

Crowe feared Gosling would feel uncomfortable walking into a room "where there's, like, 16 women," so he decided to "re-balance" the dinner. "I started calling blokes. I called RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. I called Eli Roth. I called all his friends and got them all together," Crowe quipped. "Ryan walks into the room expecting this intimate dinner party and there’s 30 people. I didn’t get to explain to him why until a couple years later when we actually started working together. I said, 'Look mate, you got to get along with the wife.'"

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On Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gosling shared another time he consented to hanging out with Crowe. The 35-year-old actor said his co-star invited him along with the Nice Guys cast and crew to watch a rugby game at a bar he rented out. Things got a little rowdy when Crowe kept pouring drinks, and Gosling tried to "at least go one for three" with the Aussie star.

"I'm getting more and more soupy as the night goes on, and by the end of the night I look around and everyone's wearing white hats and I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole," Gosling recalled. "I look at the TV screen and Russell is on the TV, accepting this trophy -- and he's got his arm around me in Atlanta. I said, 'Thank you for a lovely night. I got to get home.'"

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The kicker, Gosling found out the next morning that it was "taped game" they were watching.

The actors' bromantic film hits theaters May 20.

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