Snoop Dogg Threw Out the First Pitch at a Baseball Game and It, Uh, Did Not Go Well...

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Why do celebrities even agree to throw out the first pitch at baseball games?

At best, your pitch makes it over home plate and -- what? The team probably won't draft you on the spot. At worst, your pitch is dreadfully embarrassing and a stadium full of fans and everyone watching at home just witnessed it.

We'll give you one guess as to which way Snoop Dogg's first pitch at the San Diego Padres' game on Wednesday went.

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It's not 50 Cent bad -- not quite, at least -- but Snoop doesn't manage to hit anywhere near the catcher's mitt. He does nearly hit a cameraman and an innocent female bystander. But not the mitt.

The "Nuthin' But a G Thang' rapper posted plenty of Instagrams leading up to the pitch -- including a video that showed him warming up that was captioned, "Heat. Curve. Knuckle slider."

He also shared a shot of the actual pitch and wrote alongside it, "86 m. P h"

86 in what direction, Snoop?

Anyway, the rapper seems, uh...


In other sports news, Snoop recently told ET how excited he is for the Rams' return to L.A. But will he still root for the Steelers? Find out in the video below.