Demi Lovato Reveals She Crushed on Barney as a Kid: 'I've Always Gone for Older Guys'


Forget Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato’s long-lost love was actually Barney! That’s right, the 23-year-old pop star revealed on The Late Show that she first crushed on the big purple dino when she landed the gig on Barney & Friends at the age of 8.

“Barney was actually very attractive inside the suit!” she explained to host Stephen Colbert. “I’ve always gone for older guys, so even when I was younger, I thought the guy in the suit was hot.”

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Apparently, the actor who played Barney was “jacked,” “because the suit was like 100 pounds.”

So… slightly less weird?

Lovato spoke to Colbert alongside her tour-mate Nick Jonas, and the host praised the pair for avoiding the “child star meltdown.”

But the Disney Channel alum quickly corrected him, saying, “Well, I went to rehab, so…”

Lovato has been very vocal in the past about her 2011 stint in rehab and her struggles with mental health, addiction, and eating disorders. She also wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself when she brought up her failed romance with Nick’s older brother, Joe Jonas.

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“Oh my God, it was so funny. I was a little burned at a tender age of 15 and what do you do, you write a song about it,” she said. “I was writing a song called ‘Gonna Get Caught’ and [Joe] was in the room. We were all writing together, and he was like, ‘Maybe it has a happy ending?’ I was like, ‘No, I think he gets caught and everybody sees that he’s a heartbreaker.’ And Nick’s like, ‘You know, why don’t we just write the chorus?’ Poor thing, he’s been stuck in the middle for a while!”

The exes were able to get over their rift and remain close friends today. Lovato also recently ended her six-year romance with Valderrama earlier this month. The former couple released a joint statement, saying, “We have realized more than anything that we are better as best friends.”