Dwayne Johnson Rocks Braces at Most Awkward Prom Ever With Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'


Totally Rock-in’ prom! On Thursday night, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jimmy Fallon weren’t afraid to get a little weird during their sketch “Ermahgerd Prom Guys” on The Tonight Show.

The pair dressed in tuxedos with pink and blue bow ties and cummerbunds and The Rock even wore some intense braces and high-top hair. Though they think they’re the coolest guys in school, neither one is very good at talking to the ladies.

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“Ermahgerd, Brittany, may I have this dance?” Johnson asks one girl.

“You’re like the dern-cing queen,” Fallon declares in his strange voice.

“You’re like Beyonce, harsh-tag Lemonade,” Johnson adds.

Naturally, they scare all of the girls off, but that doesn’t seem to deter them.

“I’m so glad we came without dates. We can dance with whoever we want,” Fallon declares. “We rule this school!”

“Totally, scrotally!” Johnson replies.

The skit ends with the pair dancing on their own, which includes a few body rolls and boogies.

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Later in the show, a much more suave-looking Johnson sat down with Fallon and revealed that he hasn’t eaten candy since 1989. The host was determined to change this and brought out a bag of Pop Rocks.

He then fed the candy to Johnson and held a microphone up to his mouth so the audience could hear the popping sounds.

“So that’s what candy tastes like. Wow, it’s amazing!” the Central Intelligence star admitted.