Nick Jonas (Sort Of) Explains Posing for a Photo With Donald Trump


Yes, Nick Jonas and Donald Trump posed for a photo together, but it was more business than political.

Jonas (sort of) explained his throwback Trump photo Thursday night, during a joint interview with Demi Lovato on the The Late Show.

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Stephen Colbert whipped the photo out and asked the 23-year-old pop stars about politics, prompting Jonas to share an interesting story about the presidential hopeful.

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According to the "Close" singer, the snap was taken in 2013 when he hosted the Miss USA pageant. At the time, Trump was head of the Miss Universe Organization (which puts on the Miss USA pageant), and "a different person" added Colbert.

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Jonas was tasked with introducing Trump during the pageant, only things didn’t go according to plan.

"The prompter was working fine until it comes time to introduce Mr. Trump," said Jonas. "It went out, I was up there by myself with no script, so I said 'One of the most important people in the room, Donald Trump,' and he said 'The most important person in the room.'"

Colbert joked that Trump still feels the same way. "That's actually his campaign slogan," said the Late Show host.

The Trump encounter isn't Jonas' only interesting stage moment. Watch him relive a hilarious awards show moment in the video below.