EXCLUSIVE: Martha Stewart and Jonathan Cheban Joke About Her 'Hysterical' Twitter Diss


Jonathan Cheban tells ET that there are no hard feelings between him and Martha Stewart after her Twitter diss -- but the famous lifestyle guru isn't so sure.

"I think he may be a little upset with me but it's all in fun," Stewart quipped when ET spoke with her at the DailyMail.com Seriously Popular Yacht Party on Wednesday night at the 2016 Cannes Lions festival.

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Earlier that day, the 74-year-old businesswoman threw a little shade at Kim Kardashian West's best friend on Twitter when she claimed not to know him. "#seriouslypopular @DailyMail @MailOnline Do you know this guy??" Stewart captioned a pic of Cheban, referencing the "Seriously Popular" award that the British publication presents at the People's Choice Awards. "He says he is well known."

"We just sat at dinner tonight and I didn't know who Jonathan was," Stewart said in defense of her tweet. "But I was quickly informed."

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Cheban was a good sport about it all, though, telling ET that he couldn't believe how much attention Stewart's tweet received. "She was laughing when I said, 'Martha, look what happened! There's like 3,000 retweets,'" he exclaimed. "I go, 'You normally only get 51.'"

From there, the two became fast friends. "She's so funny. We were laughing, we had an amazing dinner. There's so many stories coming out about it," he said. "It was so fast, within a minute!"

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Cheban admitted that he didn't find it surprising that Stewart didn't recognize him, despite his frequent appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "I mean, not everyone watches TV. Martha's in Connecticut raising hens, making billion dollar companies," he joked. "People don't know who I am, even though we're on in 180 countries and for 97 seasons."

The 42-year-old reality star added that he wasn't offended by the Twitter slam. "I said, 'Look, here comes the stories!' It was literally like, 'Why did Martha annihilate Jonathan?'" he explained. "We're literally just sharing crabs and laughing. She did it as a joke, and I think it's hysterical."

In fact, Cheban seemed almost flattered. "If anyone's going to do it, let it be Martha Stewart."

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In addition to sparking a friendship with the Kardashian bestie, Stewart also revealed via Twitter that she's a big fan of Jason Derulo. When the R&B singer started taking off his shirt during his performance at the Cannes event, Stewart started tweeting up a storm about his "amazing show."

"Now Jason Derulo is singing for us," she wrote in one post. "Quite a show. It's hot and he is shedding his clothes."

After this party, we now know that Stewart can cause a social media uproar just like the Kardashians!

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