David Tennant Reads Mean Scottish Tweets About Donald Trump


When Donald Trump decided to chime in on the Brexit vote, it turned out just like some of the other times the GOP presidential candidate has shared his opinion on topics he didn't fully understand: hilariously embarrassing.

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took the business mogul to task on Monday during her breakdown of the consequences to the Brexit, and mocked Trump's tweet congratulating Scotland on voting to leave the European Union, when in reality every region of Scotland voted to remain.

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Bee ridiculed Trump's poorly informed attempts to use the vote as a talking point, and praised the roasting he received from Scottish and English Twitter users alike who raked him over the coals for his comments.

The biting comic enlisted the help of former Doctor Who star David Tennent, a native Scotsman, to read some of the fiery insults in the thick Scottish accent they deserved to be heard -- and it was simply amazing.

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Some of the harshest highlights include users who called the 70-year-old politician a "ludicrous tangerine ballbag," a "weapons-grade plum," and a "[toupee wearing] f**ktrumpet." There are also a number of insults in Scottish slang, but it's unclear just how profane they are, so it's best just to watch.

Tennant, Bee and most of Scotland aren't the only ones who have been slamming Trump in recent months. In fact, many celebrities have come out strongly opposed to his vitriolic campaign, including outspoken Hilary Clinton-supporter, George Clooney.

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The Oscar-winning actor slammed the divisive presidential hopeful during an interview the Guardian back in March, when he called Trump "a xenophobic fascist." Check out the video below to hear more.