Lisa Vanderpump's Pump Restaurant Sued for Allegedly Serving Calamari With Pieces of Glass


Lisa Vanderpump's Pump restaurant in West Hollywood is being sued by a customer who claims his calamari dish was served with pieces of glass.

John Santos filed a complaint on Thursday at the Superior Court of California where he alleges that on Dec. 14, 2014, he was eating calamari at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s restaurant when he felt a sharp pain in his mouth and realized he had ingested broken pieces of glass.

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"While Mr. Santos was chewing the calamari, he felt jagged objects in his mouth. Mr. Santos proceeded to remove the object(s) from his mouth and noticed they were pieces of
glass," according to court documents obtained by ET. "Mr. Santos felt pain in his mouth and began to bleed. Mr. Santos notified the server/manager of the incident and the manager proceeded take the plate of calamari to the kitchen. The server/manager informed Mr. Santos that calamari would no longer be served on that day."

Santos says he has medical bills from Urgent Care to prove his injuries. He's claiming negligence and asking for compensatory damages.

"Due to the injuries incurred from biting into shards of glass Mr. Santos was presented to urgent care to address his injuries," the claim reads. "As a result of the incident, Mr. Santos was damaged financially, will incur future medical costs and endured pain and suffering."

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"Nothing like this has ever happened in the restaurant’s history. It was two years ago when this customer made the allegation that he found glass in the food," a rep for Vanderpump and Pump said in a statement to ET. "Patrons come to Pump for its sumptuous food and eclectic atmosphere, which is why we were named one of the Top 100 Hot Spots Restaurants in America by OpenTable in 2015."

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